Rain Shower in Florida

I’ve been going to the beach the last few mornings and getting great pictures of the sunrise. This morning, heavy rainfall stopped me. So, instead, I sat on the back porch listening to the rain and watching the droplets bounce out of the birdbath. It looked really cool, and I thought about braving the shower for a close up pic.

KABOOM! A blinding flash of light and a simultaneous, physical sound wave hit me. Good God that was close!  I think my heart skipped a beat.

Maybe I’ll stay inside. For the rest of the day. You know, just in case.


Welcome to the new site for JL Mo.

It’s not that I’m rare. I’m just unusual.

Through a strange sequence of events, my previous JL Mo site, established 2011, was hijacked. My server, Fat Cow, with WordPress as my platform, had been caught in a never-ending loop (omit un-necessarily long explanative). No access was granted to add, edit, scream, rant, or even rave. Fat Cow suggested WordPress might be the issue, and they said it was probably Fat Cow. I gave up and went to Blogger.

After posting there for a year or more, someone came along who could help me with my original site. Thanks again, Danielle.

Fat Cow explained to her that my site had contracted a virus, and that must be the reason it was inaccessible for so long. (All right you techno-geeks, let’s skip the “you should have…” and get on with this, shall we?)

Here we are today. My shiny new blogging website. All of the posts, circa 2011-2014, have been taken out by one entity or the other, possibly both, and I have to start from scratch.

It’s like my doctor told me about something I was suffering a long time ago, “It’s not that it’s rare, it’s just unusual.”

That’s me in a nutshell.