The Elephant Hunter


So this happened… Largest Elephant seen in 50 years killed by Hunter. A German (thank God not an American this time) hunter, who, like Cecil’s killer, obtained the proper certification from the government prior to his hunt.


Why is everyone up in arms NOW about the government-sanctioned hunters, who add $50,000 to $60,000 per hunt into the local economy?


Save your rage for the poachers, who are currently pouring cyanide into an elephant’s water source, to kill them for NOTHING but their TUSKS!  The poachers (read: murderers) actions have grown so rampant that the practice has been dubbed The Bloody Ivory Trade.


Where is the fury over the Blood Ivory Trade? Where are the protesters? This has been going on for years, without so much as the bat of an eye from the general populace.


I do not understand the world today.


After conducting research for my story For the Love of Ivory, I’d found that there are more slaughters of elephants by ivory poachers than ‘legal’ killings every day.


I am going to donate half of the author’s payment for every book, “For the Love of Ivory” sold between now and December 31, 2015, to the Bloody Ivory organization. They have an ongoing battle with multi-country associations, so they are at the front lines of the war on poachers. Let’s pool our resources, and give them what we can.

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