Goodbye, Mr. Rickman…

001 Rikman

This is a man whose life has touched so many. His double bass voice was unmistakable to any fan.

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He was so much more than Severus Snape. However, that role brought an entirely new generation into the fold of fans.

001 Rikman2

001 Rikman4

001 Rikman3




My word, the man was






This only proves my point.





As stated previously.





001 Rikman5


I think, if pressed, I would have to say his role as Metatron in Dogma brings the best laugh of my life.


“I’m as anatomically correct as a Ken Doll!” No, this isn’t the picture of that scene, but it’s still fabulous!

Goodbye, Mr. Rickman. You’ve earned your wings.








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