DC Haters Gonna Hate

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


No worries. No spoilers ahead.


This is an intense, action filled movie that was completely worth the fifteen bucks I dropped to see it in 3D. The action was fast-paced. The quotes from this script are going to be numerous. The actors are serious, but that’s how the movie demands they be. It’s a lie that there isn’t any humor in it. I laughed out loud a couple of times.


I did not walk into the theater expecting Shakespeare. Nor did I go in with the expectation of seeing Tony Stark and friends. I went to see if Affleck could pull off being Batman (ck), to be entertained (ck), and to see more of what the DC universe will look like (dbl ck).


The film’s violence, though extensive, is rather cartoonish. There’s even a scene (straight outta comics) where someone gets thrown through a wall and the only thing missing from the drywall cutout is a profile of the face. That got a chuckle out of me. There is no doubt that the bad guys are bad, the good guys are good, and Lois Lane is insipid.


It will help you to understand things better (nope, still not a spoiler) if I explain to you that Metropolis and Gotham are actually across a bay from one another. Apparently, if you’re on a loading dock in Metropolis, you can see the Bat Signal in Gotham. That was news to me. But once established, I was okay with it.


This incarnation has Batman pushed to the edge, to the point of obsession, over Superman. The only way to justify his maniacal behavior is to allow the writers to give his savior complex a step sideways. Batman has to put on blinders to his own sins to rant on the wrong doings of Superman. If you watch this with your hypocrite monitor turned on, I think you’ll understand the magic moment of Martha as mom even more.


The only reason I didn’t give it the fifth star is because the movie used too many dream sequences, which as a writer drives me crazy (no, it’s not that long a drive). If they’re telling us that the Batman now has the ‘gift of prophesy’, okay. Would you believe I could accept that? But that’s not the case (OMG, please no). The original storyline tells us that the Bat’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, is “The World’s Greatest Detective” so why not detect? Inserting these dreams into the movie is a lazy device used to move the story forward rather than showing ‘boring’ sequences of the use of intellect. There certainly was no dearth of sequences showing the use of muscle. So, that cost it a star.


Yes. Wonder Woman rocks. The females of DC don’t need armor (or any covering) on their shoulders like the wimpy men do. We’re tough like that.


I’ll post a piece (once the dust settles) on the quotable quotes that are peppered throughout this installment. And there are so many! Lex is buffoonish, but he has some of the best. Here’s one of my faves from Laurence Fishburne as an example.

“…The American conscience died with Martin, John, and Bobby…”

A cynical, but surprisingly poignant, observation.


This movie is definitely getting some bad press. I took notes while watching, and there are several points where I wrote “Seriously?” There are plot holes big enough to drive the revamped Batmobile through. So, I get the negative vibe. But, those moments only serve to remind the viewer this is comic book stuff. We’re not here to see Schindler’s List. Or even Civil War. I do believe there are way more haters of DC (and Affleck, unfortunately) that are not going to allow a voice of dissent for a while to come.


But, that time will come. Then you won’t be embarrassed to agree with me in public. Forget the haters. Give this movie its deserved four out of five stars.

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