My dad used to joke, “What do I need with a TV that has remote control? I’ve got five of them now.” My four siblings and I always appreciated his attempt at humor.

I tell you this to remind you of how old I am, and to put in mind all of the television programming that has paraded past in my lifetime. Andy Griffith was just a tad before my time, but have you heard of the TV show Star Trek, starring William Shatner? I was privileged enough to watch the first episode on its first airing. Let me tell you, that was cutting edge television in 1966. Oh, and another show from my past… I ran all the way home from school to catch the new show called Dark Shadows. The show paved the way for others like The Walking Dead. That it was broadcast in the afternoons is the only reason I could watch it. If my mom had known her little girl was watching that smut, she’d have had a fit.

Ah, times were golden.

I’m not saying today’s TV doesn’t stack up. It does. But there is a show which has just been announced that I am totally stoked about.
DC comics is unveiling their first made-for-TV sitcom, starring Alan Tudyk. You read that right. (Yes, yes, there are other actors in it, but, so what?) The story surrounds an insurance office which employs ‘normal’ people who process claims in a world where superheroes are a thing. And it’s called… Powerless.

As in, “I’m powerless to make this project move any faster to get to me.”

Here’s a link so you can get in on the fun. (Thanks, Nerdist)
NBC announces DC sitcom POWERLESS

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