IRS Scam Alert


A good friend got a call on her cell from “The IRS” stating that she had an $8,000.00 fine, and if not paid NOW, they would take her to jail. She had not known of any fine, or that there was any action against her. But they insisted she was about to be arrested for the error on her taxes.

My friend is a goodhearted, loving individual that would not hurt even the feelings of a fly. These bastards prey on that very type of person. The bully on the other end of the call told her not to hang up, and she didn’t. When she went for gas, he asked why she stopped at the 7-11.

She was permitted to go to the bank. Once she got there, she took the chance to answer her son’s phone call. Thank the ever-loving God above that her son convinced her it was a scam.

A collective sigh of relief. She went to her son’s house, and further taking his advice, removed the battery from her phone in case they were still tracking her.

This all happened today, and that’s the last I’d heard.

Can you imagine the fear? I’ve heard of other scams where the person is told that their husband/wife/child/parent has been kidnapped, and they must pay the ransom, now. No other phone calls allowed, no other contact permitted. Pay, or the loved one dies.

I wonder. How much money do these low-life’s make on terrorizing others? It would be eliminated immediately if people did one thing.

Hang up.

If you’re really worried, call the phone number of the office the scammer claimed to be from. google/bing/edge it. You’ll find the truth.

Contacting the police and/or the fraud division of your bank would be the next, best move.

Most importantly; The IRS will not call you demanding money out of the blue. They will not notify you by phone if you owe them money. They will not notify you by phone if they are suing you. In fact, they are currently so overwhelmed from budget cuts, you’d be lucky to speak to a human from the IRS at all.