Hillary Loves Donald. An update.

I wrote and published this article originally in March of 2016.

At the time, Gary Johnson had not hit my radar. His candidacy pulled me away from any “write-in-protest-vote” I’d considered. Then, Aleppo. Then, the foreign leader thing. Oh, well. He’s out (for me).

As of today, October 1, 2016, I still stand by my conspiracy theory outlined here. ESPECIALLY the email to the supporters section.

Although, I might have changed my own decision on whom to vote for once or twice since then. Anyway, see if you can follow my mental wanderings.



I cannot be the only one who has thought of this. However, I’ve not found anything in writing as of yet, so as a registered Independent, I’ll say it.

Hillary Loves Donald.

There, it’s now in writing.

Why do I say such a thing? Is it because I have no notion of politics? Is it because I’m a little naive? Is it because I’m stark raving mad?

Well, a little of all of the above.

Now, here’s my “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy” theory (double points if you get the reference).

There are very few people I know personally that are supporters of The Donald for President. Okay, I’ll be honest. There is only one that I know myself. Even that person, though a good heart, kind, yadda, yadda, yadda… that person is misguided. Always has been. Should his world view ever be expanded beyond his back door, I’m certain he would be a much more rounded person. Read that as you will.

Now, on the left hand, we have Hillary. She has a world view beyond compare. How she’s chosen to interpret the input is in her own doing. The charges against her, though never convicted (she’s not stupid), would tighten the most hardened stomach. Everyone knows she has wanted to be President from the beginning. You cannot have forgotten her quote, “We are the President!” have you? If you claim to have never heard that, you’re cute. Now, go check Snapchat while the grownups talk.

Over on the right hand, we have The Donald. This guy has been talking about running for President since the 1980’s. This is the first time it’s gotten so far. Which raises the question: Why?

Side Question: Have you ever watched House of Cards? If not, let me say it is fabulous entertainment. If you have, you know where I’m going with this.

Also, as a quick reminder; Hillary lost the Democratic nomination to President Barack Obama in the election of 2008.

Now, the set-up complete, the conspiracy theory begins.

donald-melania-trump-bill-hillary-clinton-600(Maring Photography/Getty Images/Contour by Getty Images)

What if…

Hillary was told by the back room powers-that-be to step aside to allow the first black President. Then, once his term(s) were through, she could run with all blessings.

As the Presidency of Barack Obama came to an end, a stooge was  plucked from the masses, someone no thinking voter could tolerate, and set up as the opposing party’s choice. Hillary’s main supporters put out a call (via very private email during her stint as Madame Secretary, perhaps?) to her loyal fan base to switch parties, and vote for the loud mouth ignoramus that has been set up to run against her. She cannot lose. How can she not love Donald Trump?

Wait, you say. What about Bernie?

Okay, everyone. Are we done laughing?

I predict Bernie will have a total meltdown, and soon. Even if he doesn’t (snicker) the Electoral College will sway toward the favor of Ms. Clinton no matter the popular vote. Mark my words.

So, Trump continues to say whatever bullshit that pours from his mouth, because he’s been encouraged to be as outlandish, as ridiculous, and as myopic a xenophobe as he wants to be. His repulsive behavior (and, IMHO, face) will turn even the most hardened hater of the Clinton’s to vote for Hillary.

I hate to say it, but I am nearly swayed.

Nah. I’ll still write in Condoleezza Rice as my protest vote. I know a vote for Ms. Rice is going to be a throwaway vote, and therefore a vote for Clinton. But since I know the next President will be Hillary, I don’t think it much matters.

I dare you to join me.



Thanks for reading. Since March a lot of charges against Hillary have been settled, and my circle of pundits have (almost) gotten me to consider…

Maybe Hillary isn’t so bad after all.

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