Trust the Lies


On November 4, 2016, Google ran a Doodle for Walter Cronkite’s 100th birthday. If you’re unfamiliar with this newsman’s career, allow me to sum it up.

“He was the most trusted man in America.”

My mother loved him. My father respected him. Dubbed “Uncle Walt” by his fans, he was a solid public figure that all eyes turned to when the truth was needed. From 1950 to 1981, he reported on politics, war, and peace through CBS. On the assassination of America’s thirty-fifth president, JFK, all of the network cameras were on him, live, when he removed his glasses to wipe the tears from his face. He mourned with us.

The truth hurts. But he reported it. And he never gave us any reason to doubt his word.

That was then.

Today, I read an article on BBC news titled, The Rise and Rise of Fake News. I got a little nauseated thinking of how the late Walter Cronkite would react to “The National News.”

As everyone knows, corporate news affiliates broadcast twenty-four hours a day. It’s not easy competition, and all of them scramble desperately for your views. None are above trolling social media sites for a high level of shared news articles. Not all of those articles chosen for broadcast are accurate, and painfully few do any research to discern the truth.

Do you read all of the articles you share? In their entirety? Or do you read a catchy headline and just share that? If so, you may have been caught by click-bait.

There is no subject immune to the click-bait scam. I believe the most popular today must be political. I’ve read some of the most ridiculous, outlandish, nearly comical articles (yes, I read them to the end) on Hillary and The Donald. If any of these hold truth, then Hillary is one of the most murderous, vindictive Machiavellian’s in history. And Donald plans to put all women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant (by him, naturally). Well, the pretty ones, at least.

Facebook, of all sites, is doing their censorship thing, trying to circumvent these sites before they reach you. But then the makers of these sites call foul, and entice you into believing Facebook is trying to hide some huge truth from you.

When you read, “Share this before Facebook takes it down!” warning bells should be going off in your head.

My point is, we have no *one* person we can trust, except ourselves. You and I must be diligent in finding the truth behind the curtain. Or in this case, the digital format. The truth is available. We must use our intellect, discernment, and computer acumen to discover it. When we find that Hillary never actually killed anyone, and Donald doesn’t even know where the kitchen is, we will be the wiser, and not feed any more stupidity out into the ‘verse. We can be the torchbearers for the late, great Uncle Walt, and not trust the lies.

Uncle Walt is dead. Long live Uncle Walt.





When you’re done here, please read The Rise and Rise of Fake News (in it’s entirety). It is fascinating.

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