A Toast

A(n incredibly romantic) Toast

The other day I suggested to my husband that we should go out for dinner. The last few days had seen a lot of company, and we had been working like crazy together to make everyone happy. Now, it was our turn. So off we go, with no real plan, to find food that we didn’t have to cook or clean up after.

We ended up at a fancy-schmancy Italian place called Brio Tuscan Grill. The meal was fabulous. Along with our meals, we each had a glass of Italian red wine. Yes, I opted for the 9 oz pour. Towards the end of the meal, and the end of the wine, I proposed a toast. He rolled his eyes, but then offered that quirk of a smile I love so well, and raised his glass next to mine.

I said, “To our marriage,” and clinked the glass. His smile broadened. We both sipped, and then I said, “Your turn,” as an inebriated giddiness brought a blush to my cheeks.

He said “Okay,” and then put down his glass. I’ll admit, I was slightly deflated. The proper thing to do would’ve been to offer it then and there. Right?

He watched me as I took the last bite of my meal. I don’t know about you, but I am self-conscious of how I look when chewing (another dash on the anxiety scale). I put my fork down. Well, I told myself, the warmth in my cheeks might have been from the wine, and not how embarrassed I was becoming.

From the corner of my eye, I saw him raise his glass. I raised mine.

The expression in his eyes mirrored the day we said I do.

He said, “True love is real.”   *clink*

That took my breath away. I couldn’t speak until we were walking back to the car.



JL Mo is a mother of two full grown geeks, and Nana to their geeks-in-training. She is also the author of the McShane Mini-Mystery series, and has had a number of stories published in various anthologies which can be accessed on her Amazon Author Page.

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