Another Woman’s Thoughts


One night, my husband and I went out for dinner. Next to our booth sat an elderly couple. The woman appraised my husband as he sat, but then all of her attention went back to her food.

After the server brought the drinks, our friend Bob came in and joined us. The old woman was now in my line of sight every time I turned toward him. She had looked up as he sat down, and stared. And stared. Eyes narrowed, lips tight, holding her fork with a slight tremble.

Once, at a much younger age, I might have grown uncomfortable. All the thoughts of why she might be staring would play through my insecure head, and end with the certainty she was judging me in some way. Today, not so much.

Then, my imagination kicked in.

“…She’s checking out my husband and Bob. Probably wondering if there’s gonna be a threesome tonight. She’s probably remembering her first threesome now…”

I literally laughed out loud. Then everyone was looking at me. I gotta tell you, at fifty-six, I don’t give a crap.

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