Lost Wallet


Another short story (of panic) in this life.

This last weekend was fabulous. My husband and I spent Thursday through Monday at the beach. To make it even more astounding, an Atlas Rocket Launch and a partial eclipse made the whole thing a genuine celestial event. Wow, what a blast!

Tuesday found us home again, with all of the catch-up, clean-up, and errands that needed our full attention. With my to-do list in hand, I got in the car and checked that the appropriate payment methods were in my wallet…

Oh, shit.

My wallet insert, with three debit cards and my driver’s license, were nowhere to be found.

If you’ve ever lost your cards, I know you’re familiar with the panic. Lost? Where? How? Stolen!

One time I lost one of my bank cards, and the person who found it used it for gas immediately. But, the online banking service showed no unknown activity. So far.

And so it began. If you can relate, you’re familiar with the drill. The suitcases, my bag, the dirty clothes, coolers, garbage cans, and my car were searched two to three times each. No luck.

Tamping down the panic, I decided the insert had to be where we stayed at the beach. No one was there now, so I had to drive back there to look for it myself. The anxiety doubled since I didn’t have my license.

All of the fears and imaginings played across my mind as I drove. Identity theft. Robbery. Dealing with the banks to replace the cards. Dealing with the State to replace my license. Ugh!

Then, while driving within every legal parameter for forty miles into an eighty mile drive, a thought hit me so hard I gasped. I called my husband.

“Hey babe,” my voice sounded cooler than I felt. “Can you look in your car and see if my wallet insert is there?” We had driven separately to the beach, but we used his car to drive around town.

“Sure,” he says. “I’ll call you back.”

He knew of the situation. I felt certain he would look as soon as possible. But with an office gig, you never know how “soon” that might be. I kept driving toward the beach, heart in my throat, wild thoughts still bouncing around my brain.

A few more miles down the road and the phone rang. My husband’s caller ID didn’t get through the first tone.

When I answered, he said, “I hope you didn’t get too far.”

First, the sigh of relief. Then, the nervous laughter. Why did I not think to check his car?

While driving back home, I decided that all things must balance out. For now, I feel I’m still on the positive side of this one. Let’s hope it stays that way.  😉

Getting old sucks.



JL Mo is a mother of two full grown geeks, and Nana to their geeks-in-training. She is also the author of the McShane Mini-Mystery series, and has had a number of stories published in various anthologies which can be accessed on her Amazon Author Page.

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