McShane Mini-Mystery Series

The McShane Mini-Mystery Series is written as a fast, fun, easy read for 001 McShane Cover - Blankgrown-ups. The original mini-mystery format was created with children in mind. But come on…

Why should kids have all the fun?

McShane. Mini-Mysteries for grown-ups.

These stories are a quick way to engage your mind, satisfy your need for mystery, and escape the real world while waiting for the train, the bus, the doctor, or even your kids to get out of practice. Enjoy!


Book One – Billionaire at the Bar   $.99

When the love of her life is viciously slain, Sam discovers secrets her lover kept that will change her life, for better and worse, forever. But first, she must stay one step ahead of the killer.

Book Two – Four Files for A Life  $.99

Mona has been abducted. By who, and why, is given to Sam through cryptic clues. The path seems clear, until a bloody body gets in the way.

Book Three – Hurricane or Homicide  $.99

When a young mother is found dead in the wake of a devastating hurricane, it’s called a tragedy. Her husband believes it was murder. Sam is hired to find if there’s a motive in the money trail.

(You can save yourself a buck and pick up all three of the above titles by purchasing The Trilogy of Thrills  for $2.00)

Book Four – The Mushroom Murderer $.99

Sam has grown quasi-comfortable with her inheritance, even if some people still want her dead. But when a close friend is poisoned, the prime suspect is the one person at Microtelex she believed to be her greatest ally.


Book Five – The Lonesome Lighthouse (an excerpt while in process)

“…In the confines of her hiding place, a touch on her shoulder shattered focus. It was only liquid, Sam’s inner voice consoled. Either she dripped sweat, or the blood flow had increased.

She mentally flailed for her mother’s lessons. Breathe in. Stay calm. Stay focused. Breathe out.

Palmer’s steps echoed as he searched for her. In the height of her wide-eyed terror, she remained paralyzed, now holding her breath, hidden behind the door.

Then she heard Palmer’s steps pass her, and go toward the stairs.

Run now, her brain commanded. In her panic state, her legs refused to obey…”


A special note to anyone who may have read this far, I’ve decided to make this series end at book six. As the drafts are coming along, I must say, they are the most exciting books I’ve written to date. I’m nervous for Sam!


Click over to my Amazon Author page and enjoy a sample of these, along with my other published works.

Thanks, and enjoy reading like a kid again.

Life. One Short Story at a time.